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As one of the most diverse countries, England offers many opportunities and attractions. This idyllic country boasts quaint coastlines, rolling hills of the countryside, and innovative cities. England is known worldwide for a variety of reasons including the Royal Family, Shakespeare, and The Beatles. England offers something for everyone.

In England we offer English courses in the following cities:

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Destinations available in England


  • Population: 163,444

  • Type: Coastal town

  • Climate: Bournemouth has a temperate climate with the hottest months.

  • Description: Bournemouth is a great city in which to learn English, as it is a popular tourist location with a great variety of clubs, restaurants, and shops. The residents in Bournemouth are also very friendly, making the language learning process even more pleasant. The coastal town boasts seven miles of soft, sandy beaches and mild weather. 


  • Population: 155,919

  • Type: Large coastal city

  • Climate: Brighton has a temperate climate and the hottest months are July and August.

  • Description: Brighton is a very popular destination in which to learn English because of its mixture of culture and entertainment. The city of 156,000 people is located on the English Coast. One of the city's most popular attractions is the Pier, which features amusement park style rides, shops, and restaurants. 


  • Population: 416,400

  • Type: Large south-western city

  • Climate: Due to its location Bristol is one of the warmest cities throughout the UK.

  • Description: The city of Bristol is located in south-western England, and is one of the largest cities in the region. The population of 416,000 people enjoy living in one of the warmer cities in the UK. Bristol is a great city in which to learn English because of its size, services, and many attractions. 


  • Population: 120,000

  • Type: University town.

  • Climate: The city of Cambridge has a temperate climate.

  • Description: The city of Cambridge is home to the world renowned Cambridge University. The academic nature of the city makes it one of the most ideal locations in which to learn English. There are approximately 120,000 permanent residents and the city boasts a beautiful setting. Cambridge features several activities and tours related to the university that come in handy for students learning the English language. 


  • Population: 7,172,091

  • Type: Large capital city

  • Climate: The city experiences warm summers that are rarely hot and cold winters that are seldom harsh.

  • Description: London is the capital city of England and boasts over seven million residents. It is the most sought after destination in which to learn the English language. London is a vibrant city full of history, culture, and entertainment. Although being innovative and modern, there are many aspects which hold true to tradition and the English cultural roots. There are many places to meet the locals and learn the local London coloquial language which is used in every day life. 


  • Population: 151,000

  • Type: Large city

  • Climate: The city of Oxford possesses a maritime temperate climate. It is often frequented by weather brought in via the Atlantic.

  • Description: The city of Oxford is located in Southeast England, and has a residential population of 151,000 people. The city is known for being the home of the prestigious Oxford University. The size of the city, combined with the academic environment, makes it an ideal place to study the English language. 


  • Population: 64,000

  • Type: Mid-sized coastal town

  • Climate: Torquay has a temperate, mild coastal climate. The town experiences warm summers that are rarely hot and cold winters that are seldom harsh, but wet.

  • Description: The medium-sized town of Torquay is a coastal area located in the south-west of England. The area triples in size during the summer months due to its great number of resorts and tourist attractions. The fishing town is full of restaurats, cafés, pubs and boutiques.


  • Population: 220

  • Type: Small village

  • Climate: Warnford has a temperate, average climate. The town experiences warm summers that are rarely hot and cold winters that are seldom harsh in temperature.

  • Description: Warnford is a small village within the district city of Winchester, Hampshire. The village lies between the valley of the River Meon and Exton. There are small pubs and shops scattered along the countryside.


  • Population: 503,000 inhabitants

  • Type: Metropolitan City.

  • Climate: The city of Manchester has a temperate maritime climate with mild summers and winters, and rain throughout the year

  • Description: Manchester is a metropolitan city located in England, more than 250 kilometres northwest of London. The city is a major centre of finance, media, artistic and educational importance, and is also the second largest city in the United Kingdom, in terms of population. Manchester was the first city in the world to be fully industrialised, and was known in the 19th Century as Cottonopolis due to it being the most important centre of cotton mills at the time.

What better place to learn English than in the country of Shakespeare, in England itself? You would be mistaken to assume that English is English and there are no variations on the language, as in fact there are several different variations within their relevant countries, including American English, Caribbean English and Australian English. England is proud to be the home of such fine universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, as well as a diverse countryside and many attractions

England is a country within the United Kingdom, and has much to offer from glorious rolling hills to stretches of sandy beaches and historical monuments.

There are exquisite sites to see throughout the entire country, but it is worth a visit to an area where you will experience some of the most breathtaking scenery of all. This area is Land's End, in Cornwall, at the most Southern point of the United Kingdom. Visitors cannot help but be awestruck as they look out over the Atlantic Ocean from the 200 feet high granite rocks. The scenery is some of the most beautiful worldwide and makes the most of its natural brilliance.

This beautiful country offers the chance to visit the home of the great William Shakespeare, spend days wandering the open spaces and the mountains of the Lake District, enjoy a typical Cornish Cream Tea in Boscastle, and take in the luxury of the stately homes of the National Trust or Buckingham Palace. As well as the expanse of countryside, there are many buzzing cities just waiting to be explore, and offering a nightlife which is second to none.

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