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St. Julian's official name is San Giljan and is situated on the Eastern side of Malta. It started its life as a fishing village, and today provides an exciting yet laid back atmosphere, with plenty to do and see.

In St Julians we offer English courses in the following schools:

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Schools available in St Julians

ESE Malta

  • Main Courses:

  • Students per class (Max.): 8-10

  • Class duration: 45 min.

  • School info: ESE Malta is a language school that provides comfortable learning options for students wanting to hone their English skills or learn the language for the first time.  The school is equipped to help students transition into further education through their English courses.  The school offers ample-sized classrooms and up to date technology, including computers, fax machines and overheads. 

This once peaceful fishing village has now developed into a large resort within Malta; it is certainly the location to be to enjoy the luxurious side of life and a mixture of culture and history. You will discover that St. Julian's is much more popular with the younger age group than the older as it boasts numerous bars and upmarket restaurants and hotels. Most of the establishments are to be found alongside the waterfront offering the perfect setting.

If you like history then you might like to pay a visit to the Old Parish Church that was built in the year 1580, and is stated that it was actually dedicated to Saint Julian also known as Julian the Hospitaller. He is the patron saint of hospitality, boatmen, innkeepers, travellers and of course he is also the patron saint of St. Julian's itself.

Prior to the 1800's there was virtually nothing standing in St Julian's except for the Old Parish Church and some fishermen's dwellings and huts.

The residents of St. Julian's are known to be some of the friendliest and most welcoming to visitors and students alike.

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