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The medium-sized town of Torquay is a coastal region located in the South West of England.  The area triples in size during the summer months due to its great number of resorts and tourist attractions. This picturesque and welcoming town is home to a wide variety of pubs, restaurants and shops, which lure tourists to the area all year around.

In Torquay we offer English courses in the following schools:

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Schools available in Torquay

Kaplan Torquay

  • Main Courses: 20 lessons per week
    20 lessons + 7 extra lessons per week

  • Students per class (Max.): 15

  • Class duration: 55 min.

  • School info: Located along the beautiful coastline of Torquay, the Kaplan Aspect Torquay English language school is one of the highest rated Kaplan language schools in the United Kingdom. The school is picturesque and inviting, offering small classrooms and a small town feel.

Torquay is a medium-sized fishing town that has grown in size over the last several years.  Today it boasts 64,000 residents, but triples in size during the warm and summer months.  A large number of resorts and popular tourist attractions draw crowds in from all over England and surrounding countries.  Torquay is a picturesque seafront community that has much to offer students who are learning the English language. 

From the scenic coastline to the warm and hospitable residents of the town, Torquay has a unique and welcoming atmosphere.  A wide array of pubs and restaurants line the streets along the coastline and invite students to not only fill their stomachs but gain insight into the local culture.  Residents are helpful and warmly engage in conversation with students looking to practice their English language skills. 

Torquay has much to offer in terms of history as well.  Once the hometown of the mystery writer Agatha Christie, Torquay contains a tour with plaques dedicated to the writer.  The tour is recognized as the Agatha Christie Mile.  Unique coastal architecture dating back to the 19th century still sits among the majestic seascape.  Torquay offers an ideal coastal community in which to study the English language as it is immersed in culture, history and local tradition.

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