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The United States of America is a sprawling country housing 50 states including Kentucky, California and Louisiana. The scenery throughout the USA is incredibly diverse ranging from the snowy spectacle of Alaska through to the soft sandy beaches of California.

In United States we offer English courses in the following cities:

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Destinations available in United States


  • Population: 617,594

  • Type: Large capital city

  • Climate: Boston has a humid climate, the summers are generally warm and humid and the winters are usually cold and snowy.

  • Description: Students who want to experience east coast living will enjoy studying English in Boston. It is known for its distinct neighborhoods, as well as being home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world. There is always something to do no matter your interests. For starters, try checking out a Red Sox game. 

Los Angeles

  • Population: 3.8 million

  • Type: Largest city in Southern California

  • Climate: The city of Los Angeles has a Mediterranean climate and California itself is known as the 'Sunshine State' due to the sheer amount of sunshine it receives.

  • Description: People wanting to experience the west coast culture of the United States would enjoy learning English in Los Angeles, California. The weather is beautiful year round. The city is home to many celebrities so you might just see your favorite actress or actor out and about. From beaches, to shops, and dining - L.A has it all. 

New York

  • Population: 8,274,527

  • Type: Large urban city

  • Climate: The city of New York has a subtropical, humid climate. The summer season is typically hot with high humidity levels.

  • Description: The Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, and the Empire State Building are all located in New York. It is probably the most important city in America, and is a great place to learn English for those who want to experience city life. The city is the largest in the United States with over 8 million people. 

San Diego

  • Population: 1,366,865

  • Type: Large coastal city

  • Climate: San Diego has a temperate climate with the hottest month being August.

  • Description: San Diego is a great location to learn English for those who love a laid back, beach type atmosphere. The weather is very mild year round, and never gets too cold. The city is home to the world famous San Diego Zoo. The town is more laid back than Los Angeles, and is a great alternative.


  • Population: 5,838,471

  • Type: Large urban city

  • Climate: Subtropical; humid. Hot summers, cold winters.

  • Description: The city of Philadelphia has played an important role in the development of the United States. It is home to iconic historical locations such as the Liberty Bell and Constitution Hall. "Philly" has something to offer everyone, and is a great place to study English. There's shopping, dining, professional sports, and the arts. 


  • Population: 433,136

  • Type: Large metropolitan city

  • Climate: Miami has a tropical monsoon climate, with warm winters and humid and hot summers.

  • Description: Miami is the commercial, financial, cultural and media center of the state of Florida. Although it is quite wet, its warm temperatures make of it a city that is easy and quick to adapt. It is also a perfect destination for those students who wish to combine their language program with a full agenda plenty of exciting cutural and entertainment activities.

The USA has never had its own official language but approximately 80% of the population speak English. However, it is not 'British' English but rather American English. This coupled together with Canadian English make up North American English. Approximately 90% of the population throughout the US speak English exceedingly well.

If you enjoy watching wildlife then the USA is certainly the country for you. North America boasts some of the most untamed land throughout the world where visitors can observe the graceful Bald Eagle as it glides effortlessly through the sky. They can watch the antics of the Brown Bears as they do what they do best, fish for salmon. For the more adventurous there are numerous excursions run to spot the magnificent whales and agile dolphins.

The USA presents numerous opportunities to visitors and students alike. Marry this together with the friendly and generous locals, the delicious food, the breathtaking scenery and the wonderful array of shops and you have the perfect combination making it an ideal country to study in.

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