Learn English in Warnford

Warnford is a quaint little countryside town that is ideal for studying English, as the locals are hospitable, friendly and helpful to students.  The town is primarily English speaking, which makes it easier to learn the language, and the culture combined with the language provides the perfect elements to learn.

In Warnford we offer English courses in the following schools:

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Schools available in Warnford

Riversdown House

  • Main Courses: 7 lessons per week in group of 2 participants
    7 lessons per week in group of 4 participants

  • Students per class (Max.): 15

  • Class duration: 40 min.

  • School info: Located in a 14th century manor house, just one hour from London, the Riversdown House is a premier language school offering full immersion courses in English in the heart of the English countryside. The school offers spacious classrooms and modern technology geared toward learning an English skill-set.

Warnford is a small and picturesque village located within the district city of Winchester, Hamphire England.  The town is considered a village because of its size, but is close to neighbouring attractions and areas of interest for students.  The area is small in size but rich in hospitality as the residents provide open arms to tourists and students studying the English language in the community.  Pubs, shops and cafés abound for students to mingle with fellow comrades as well as locals.

The community provides a peaceful atmosphere away from the buzz of the city for students to learn the language in an English countryside setting.  The rolling hills and lush gardens are as peaceful as they are beautiful.  Parks and country gardens surround the town and provide welcoming spots for studying or relaxing with friends.  Students are often seen strolling through the parks in the afternoon or evening hours. 

Warnford is the ideal location to study English as it is so richly steeped in history that it presents students with the perfect opportunity to learn about the region's history along with learning the language.  Local residents are a wealth of information, with the local pub being the perfect spots to gain an insight into the culture and social aspects of the area. 

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