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The city of Frankfurt is the biggest city within the state of Hesse and it is also the 5th largest city throughout the country of Germany.

In Frankfurt we offer German courses in the following schools:

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Schools available in Frankfurt


  • Main Courses:

  • Students per class (Max.): 8-12

  • Class duration: 55 min.

  • School info: A-Viva language school is in the heart of Frankfurt and provides students with a comfortable learning environment that is characteristic of the city's culture and heritage.  The city is one of the most beautiful in the country and the language school is strategically positioned near fine restaurants, prime shopping destinations and tourist attractions. 

Goethe Insitut Frankfurt

  • Main Courses: 25 lessons per week
    25 lessons per week/ 4 weeks HIGH SEASON

  • Students per class (Max.): 14

  • Class duration: 55 min.

  • School info: Located in the heart of the city of Frankfurt, Goethe Institut Frankfurt is conveniently situated among museums, shoppings and one of the most popular residential areas in the city. Public transportation is found nearby and students may take advantage of the city accommodations available within footsteps of the school.

The city of Frankfurt is situated on the River Main and it is the financial and transportation centre of the whole country of Germany. In the South of Frankfurt there is a beautiful forest called the Frankfurter Stadtwald, this is Germany's largest forest situated within a city.

Frankfurt has numerous historical buildings and monuments to visit and will keep historians happy for many days. One of the most famous buildings is Saint Bartholomeus's cathedral this is the main church within the city of Frankfurt and was built in the 14th and 15th centuries; it is constructed in an especially elaborate and ornate gothic style.

An unusual feature of this German city are the skyscrapers, no other German city has as many as Frankfurt. There are 10 buildings altogether that stretch higher than 150 metres into the sky. They make for an impressive landscape of the city sitting dramatically against the sky.

Studying German in the city of Frankfurt is an ideal choice because of all the history and culture and also the locals are friendly and welcoming to visitors.

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