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The city of Rome, or Roma in Italian, is the capital city of Italy. It is also Italy's largest city and is located within the Central Western area of the Italian peninsula upon the River Tiber.

In Rome we offer Italian courses in the following schools:

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Schools available in Rome


  • Main Courses:

  • Students per class (Max.): 10

  • Class duration: 45 min.

  • School info: StudioItalia is an Italian language school located in the heart of the breathtaking city of Rome.  The school is conveniently situated among some of the most popular areas to visit in the city and provides students with the ability to apply what they have learned in the classroom outside and among the local people.  The Roman people are hospitable and welcoming to students. 

Rome is full of historical buildings and monuments, so you will be blessed with never-ending facts to learn and culture to intake. The Roman Coliseum is an amphitheatre which was used as an open air venue to stage spectator sports, rallies, theatrical performances or concerts. The Coliseum was constructed in 80 AD and was built to seat approximately 80,000 spectators. In today's modern world it stands as a partial ruin and has become undoubtedly the most popular attraction within the city of Rome.

Throughout Rome you will see the traditional style and additional open spaces which have been beautifully landscaped to form numerous parks and gardens, and which perfectly compliment the rustic style of the buildings. Rome is known to possess the largest green area throughout all of the European capital cities.

Rome could not be a more perfect location for learning the native language of Italian as students can soak up the atmosphere along with the Italian culture. There is so much more to learning a language than purely just the words, students need to 'live' the language.

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