Learn Spanish in Salamanca

With one of Spain’s largest, oldest and most important universities, Salamanca boasts an active and thriving student population that makes this small city alive with history and culture one of the most appealing Spanish course destinations in the country.

In Salamanca we offer Spanish courses in the following schools:

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Schools available in Salamanca

Don Quijote Salamanca

  • Main Courses:

  • Students per class (Max.):

  • Class duration:

  • School info:

Enforex Salamanca

  • Main Courses:

  • Students per class (Max.): 10

  • Class duration: 45 min.

  • School info: Enforex Salamanca is a nice language school located in the city's historic distric, just a five-minute walk from the central square of Plaza Mayor where a large concentration of university students gather daily.  The school is found in a remodeled and refurbished limestone building that was once a historic convent.  The school has a large number of university students and is in a close proximity to downtown. 

Many factors make Salamanca an ideal location for a Spanish course abroad. The Castilian spoken in the region is said to be the purest in Spain, and the city – which is of a perfect size for students to get around easily and still enjoy the benefits of city life – offers up a profound historical legacy that is palpable in its very streets.

Salamanca would not be what it is today without its famous university (the second-oldest in Europe), which endows this student town with a tremendous amount of culture and vitality. The University of Salamanca has shaped the city’s evolution for nearly eight centuries, transforming Salamanca into one of Spain’s most fascinating places. By day, student life gathers in the large and bustling central square; by night, the city’s historic streets light up with music and laughter.

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